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Pegafund builds high-performing finance functions and leadership teams to increase go-to-market predictability and optimize funding and exit success.

Driving customer and revenue growth with data-centric decisions

Investors are more likely to fund businesses that have a strong financial foundation with a clear path to growth, profitability, and exit. Our services help you build a scalable financial system so you can make informed decisions about future growth and get the funding needed to achieve your business goals.

When a business knows what customers want, what leaders need, and what investors expect, it makes better decisions to grow faster and minimize cash burn within a predictable timeframe. However, one of the biggest challenges of scaling a SaaS business is being able to accurately plan and forecast revenue and unit economics to make informed decisions about when and who to hire, launch new products, or expand into new markets.

At Pegafund, we help you connect your customer and financial data with the different functions and people involved to drive revenue so you can make informed, data-driven decisions on future growth.

Our expertise in software and SaaS businesses from early stage to growth, pre-IPO and beyond enables us to deliver efficient and impactful strategic finance and operational support to help your business succeed.

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Having an experienced Finance leader was incredibly valuable during the growth fundraise. It had a direct impact on the outcome. Everything happened very quickly in less than 8 weeks. In going through the due diligence process, I now fully appreciate the importance of accurate forecasting and planning, and why the business needed to have it at least a year before the funding process. We could not have done it last minute and gotten successfully to the finish line.

Cor Winkler Prins

Co-Founder & Head of Product of 4me

My mind thrives on trying to understand things thoroughly. What I got was an understanding of the investment landscape. We got an understanding of the importance of finance, but also the breadth and depth of finance beyond basic accounting and reporting.

Ruben Van den Bossche

Co-Founder & CEO of Gorilla

Joyce introduced us to the systematic thinking of financial planning from a very early stage onwards. We found immense benefit in her experience of having worked with large companies before us and the insights this provided to our thinking and positioning.

Karen Burns

Co-Founder & CEO of Fyma

Our finance function is quite advanced for our size and stage, however my background is not SaaS. This allowed me to focus more on strategic finance concepts, so I could also start building as we scale. It increased the quality of our interactions with our existing and prospective investors.

Francois Geldenhuys

Finance and Operations Manager of Cleanhub

We keep learning from others that have done it before us. Without Pegafund, it would not have been possible... We are breaking records in ARR.

Naiara Urteaga

Head of Sales of Cheqroom

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Free Operational Scorecard

Discover the financial reporting health of your SaaS business in 1 hour with our free operational scorecard. Find out how your business benchmarks on financial operational excellence and what immediate actions you can take to improve it.

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CFO Services

Access financial leadership support without the expense of a full-time CFO. We provide financial expertise and guidance on a fractional basis across finance and revenue operations set-up, go-to-market and funding strategy, forecasting, planning, and budgeting, SaaS metrics and financial reporting, and board communication and investor management.

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SaaS Growth Finance training

On-demand and instructor-led leadership training to help business leaders and finance professionals scale with confidence and precision. Designed with your business in mind we support you in solving live business problems with practical hands-on learning.

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