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What continues to be a frequent topic of discussion amongst startup and scaleup founders, leaders, and investors alike is: how should a high growth business set an ambitious yet achievable growth plan?

With the right Finance and Operations team, a company’s budget and departments forecasts will naturally be achievable – absorbed and accepted by employees and investors alike.

However, what is often not well understood and overlooked is that SaaS solutions have fundamentally shifted the speed and precision of execution and by extension a company’s go-to-market strategy and motion. This in turn has directly impacted the role and expectations of today’s high growth Finance and Operations talent.

Whereas pre-Cloud, Finance’s role was predominantly centered on collecting the numbers that assure business compliance with regulation and government requirements; in our digital and remote world, the data collection can be largely automated through tooling and API integrations.

What is much more challenging, especially in a fast changing environment, is ensuring data integrity. This boils down to implementing repeatable and scalable processes around existing and new talent. With data integrity in place, a business can then transform data to derive valuable insights and intelligence to effect better, faster decision-making. This is where the real value of Finance and Operations lies – it’s about the practical, actionable insights to accelerate execution accuracy and velocity.

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