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Our mission is to enable predictable growth and global go-to-market success for high growth European SaaS scaleups

Europe breeds high growth technology companies that have a long lasting market impact. Global software businesses require hands-on support from entrepreneurs and operators who have been on all sides of the table and have 100% skin in the game.

Our loyalty first and always is to the business and its founders.

By prioritizing financial design, a startup creates the most value for all shareholders today and in the future. This requires an equal emphasis on both the science and art of scaling to predictable growth.
Pegafund Founder, Modern CFO

European technology is here to stay and a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.

Before moving to Europe in 2014, Joyce worked at US institutional financial service firms JP Morgan and Ares Capital, where she advised US pension plans on their investment strategy which included due diligence on venture capital, growth capital, private equity, and debt funds. Joyce also raised financing for over 50 public companies across a diverse set of industries (as part of East and West Coast roadshows), in addition to investing in mature B2B software businesses, such as Keynote Systems (owned by Thoma Bravo, and later merged with Dynatrace).
She left a comfortable life in the US to follow her intuition in pursuit of an European adventure centred around the second wave of emerging technology entrepreneurship.

Global multi-billion software companies such as Spotify (NYSE: SPOT), Adyen (AMS: ADYEN), Zendesk (NYSE: ZEN), Unity (NYSE: U), Elastic (NYSE: ESTC), Medallia (NYSE: MDLA) were born in Europe during the global economic recession. Unlike their predecessors, today’s generation of European startups no longer need to raise venture funding in Silicon Valley and become a Delaware Corporation in order to scale to become global category winners.

With the introduction of Cloud and the remote SaaS business model, big and successful businesses can be homegrown in Europe or anywhere in the world with talent and customers.
This pattern is validated by leading global VCs such as Sequoia, Lightspeed, and Bessemer setting up offices in London and across Europe with local investors to have better access to the next generation of global software leaders.
Further, specialist services that support the broader European venture ecosystem, such as banking (e.g. Silicon Valley Bank) and law (e.g. Wilson Sonsini) have evolved significantly in recent years. However, there is still a big and urgent gap when it comes to SaaS expertise related to Finance and Operations, and scaling in a high growth environment.

Hence, the birth of Pegafund.

It is very challenging to deeply integrate SaaS go-to market and funding strategy growth planning (or “FP&A”, more commonly used) with data-driven decision-making if a founding team has limited experience in successfully scaling (or failed to scale) a high growth, global business before.

The bigger the ambition, the faster a scaleup needs to grow.

Practically, this means driving quarterly & bi-annual revenue visibility and predictability, as well as maximizing growth options associated with different forms of financial capital well before a fundraise. In addition to influencing strategic growth, a modern CFO is also highly operational, working closely with the VP or Head of Finance, Revenue Operations, accountant as well as other business leaders to ensure that financial reporting, data and business intelligence, tooling, and cash and controls are in place for agile growth planning and customer-centric decisions.

Pegafund is supported by an advisory team of seasoned operators and industry experts who have lived through the journeys of global B2B software businesses from startup to public company.

We understand that entrepreneurs are incredibly busy serving customers, attracting talent, and enhancing product. Financial design is an afterthought, often prioritized too late.
Having been there before, we immediately ‘roll up our sleeves’ and support the business towards achieving predictable growth and global go-to market success.

Meet our global team

Founder, Modern CFO

Joyce Mackenzie Liu

Joyce is the Founder of Pegafund. She is excited by talented and global-minded software entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Joyce has been working at the intersection of Financial Services and Technology since 2007. Over the past 9 years, she has been an advisor, investor, and board member of European and US B2B software companies.

Prior to Pegafund, she was a venture and early growth investor at Columbia Lake Partners, a Bessemer-backed European debt fund, and Dawn Capital, London-based B2B Software equity fund. Before moving across the Atlantic, Joyce worked as a late growth and buyout credit investor at Ares Capital (NASDAQ: ARCC) in Los Angeles and investment banker at J.P. Morgan (NYSE: JPM) in New York.

The path to success is a bumpy ride where judgment and time are the most valuable resources.


Marketing and Business Development

Ivan Kraft

In today's world, data is the new oil. Ivan likes to be at the forefront of cool technology and ride the waves of innovation and new industry trends.

Ivan works closely with businesses to bring a clear strategic vision to life based on company needs.

As a full-stack growth marketing leader, his unique style of thinking and executing supports core business development.

Before Pegafund, Ivan was Head of Marketing at Arctic15, one of Nordic’s biggest tech conferences and events. He also led Bartone Marketing Technology where he built marketing strategies and executed projects related to web development, paid and native marketing, social media management, inbound campaigns, visual branding, analytics, SEO & SEM for companies like Fafa’s, Pelago, and Probitat.

Every year technology presents new perspectives and possibilities, creating new opportunities and with it, new threats to existing business models.

Product Research

Gintare Morkunaite

She enjoys solving problems. Pegafund is the sweet spot to learn about scaleups and VCs while diving deep into the world of B2B SaaS.

Gintare began her professional career at Barclays Technology Centre. There she worked as part of the internal Quality Assurance team. After that, Gintare transitioned to DXC Technology where she focused on Transition & Transformation projects across EMEA, Asia, US, Canada and Brazil and clients across various industries. Gintare experienced the merger of different businesses from within the organization (CSC with HPE). She became interested in product management given it is at the core intersection of problem-solving and usability, technology, and business.

Change is the Heartbeat of Growth!

Value creation for high growth SaaS

We enable scaleup founders, leaders, and investors to be agile and aligned on the future by integrating customer and people data with strategy and growth planning. To do this effectively, our principles of engagement are centered on transparency, knowledge sharing, and systems change.

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